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I'm Going To Winfield I used to use two amps with an A-B-Y pedal which allowed me to use one or the other or both. One amp was a very clean solid state amp and the other a tube amp that had wonderful distortion. I sometimes did put effects between the ABY cable and the amplifier on each side. Steve is dead on about the ABY switch. The ABY switch I use is: With the phase switch and ground lift, I can guarantee a good sound.

How to Use Guitar Amplifiers : Using Multiple Inputs on a Guitar Amp

I would not use a Y cable, as you will suffer in tone as you're splitting the strength of signal to each amp. Also, Y'ing out of a tuner may not be good, again for the possible tone-sucking. Get yourself a good pedal like the Radial Bigshot and it'll be golden from there.

That's why I love this board You mentioned the mixer output not sounding good -- the line input impedance of most mixers is in the 10k ohm range, which will totally kill the low frequency output of a passive piezo pickup. BP Something to be concerned about here is to make sure the speakers in the 2 amps are in phase ie both speaker cones moving in the same direction. If the speakers are wired out of phase with each other you will get some note cancellation and weird sound problems. If both amps have same brand of speakers make sure the black or common wire goes to the same connection post on the speakers.

Sometimes if amps are worked on techs don't get the wires back on the correct connectors. If they are different brands of speaker you may have to do a polarity check using a flashlight battery to check to see if cones move outwards with same polarity.

Using Two Combo Amps?

If different brands of amp then trying both ways on one amp for best sound is the best way if you don't have access to a signal generator and oscilloscope. Easier to do then describe. Use an ABY switch too also what we have found is putting the amps on a tiltback amp rack really opens up the sound so you don't have to crank it as lound gives a much softer sound.

Originally Posted by rsgars. Having noted all that I agree with him completely.

Originally Posted by steve V. To be specific, the instrument I'm trying to do this with is a solid-body electric. Maybe I should be using a direct box before I go into the mixer? Originally Posted by hawkins. Took it for granted. How did you wire em up you mustn't connect the power out of one amp to the input of another , If you hook up a v appliance.

Learn how to properly connect a guitar. How to Use Guitar Amplifiers: Hooking Up a Guitar Amp to. Guide to hooking up two guitar amps together. Keyboard amps are basically combo PA systems - you generally want the. A sub woofer or two in a vehicle can. Amps Up to 4 ft. Lets say you have a single 12" combo amp and.

Shaun will contact folks on the working list once we get some dates together. Two amps - one set of speakers. How do you "slave" an amp to another amp?

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Can you hook it up to your kitchen sink?. The Home Depot Canada. How do you connect a subwoofer to an amplifier?. If you want a stereo hook-up, you'll need two sets of RCA cables. Connect the subwoofer output to the amplifier. There are a few ways that one can expect to connect a subwoofer to an amplifier,. Everything may go wireless one day soon anyway music wise. There may be a 'perfect' solution using a nice little sub-mixer, but frankly, yes, it can be done Relative volumes may depend on the impedance of the inputs on each amp, but the overall sound is up to you to balance up until you like it.

Yes it is possible. I don't really know if the cable you are referring to will work I don't see why not but, what I have seen is people using pedals to do this. There are some pedals that have 2 exits that are the same. This is what El Ten Eleven do.

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A guitar can have different kinds of pickups, but these have in common that the power in the signal they the pickups produce is quite small. Now electrically, power is voltage times current.

Can you hook up two combo amps together

Some "high impedance" pickups produce a high voltage and little current, while other produce a lower voltage and more current. Either way, a preamplifier is used to "beef up" the signal and make it capable of being carried around over cables. Cable have "resistance" which will make the signal weaker and "capacitance" which kills higher frequencies. If you have a high impedance output, you are more sensitive to "capacitance" - so if you split the signal and send it to two amplifiers, you may lose some of the high end of the sound but you could boost it with a graphic equalizer if you needed.

And if you split a signal to two amplifiers, you risk having twice as much cable, and thus twice as much capacitance - meaning more high frequency cutoff. Either way, if your guitar has a preamp built in, then this is not something to worry about. Yes, you can do it with a passive Y-splitter. However, there is no guarantee the either amp will sound the same as it does on its own, because the input impedance of both of them coupled together directly or though the transformer in the DI box will be different, which may or may not affect the tone, depending on the guitar and the amps.

Yes, but it's good practice to keep both amps on the same electrical circuit try using the same outlet for both to avoid hum or even electrocution usually mild, but dangerous on a wet floor. My band just recorded and is about to release a maxi single and I was splitting my signal between 3 different amps none actually belonging to me: Therefore we often have to think of different sonic solutions to help fill out the sound and not just sound like a country white stripes.

For the recordings, two guitar amps an old fender champ or at times or an even older fender twin then? The bigshot did a really good job of getting rid of most of the hum and it has built in ground lift as well as phase. We did have an issue on the first song with hum coming from a soulfood ehx pedal I used on the first track, but we sorted ended up liking it for the old timing feel we were going for.

But the tracks are all analog from recording to mastering cept for a pog I use a little in one song , recording on 2 inch tape -- no overdubbing, autone, or post production. Decent enough I'd say for our first try. Let us know what you think: As for live performance,I'm still waiting on my own Bigshot to be shipped, so I've got a fender excelsior and TC Electronic G split by a simple fender aby lot's of hum!

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I wanted the fender aby just to switch between my strat and gretsch originally but gotta wait a couple of weeks. Man is it fun to have two amps blasting at the same time, though I've got to learn how to equalize them myself better. Hopefully I'll be able to figure out a pedal chain combination that won't hum so much as well. I send one guitar signal to two amplifiers all the time, and in fact, it's a set-up that I keep ready in my music room currently.

The processor in question offers a true stereo-out option and so I run one standard mono guitar cable out of the Left Out jack to a small Marshall Lead 12 amplifier, and one standard mono guitar cable out of the Right Out jack to a small Fender amp. The inexpensive guitar effects processor features several voices in true stereo, so the out come is both delightful and stereophonically-rich.