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Start a conversation today with one of the singles in County Down, United Kingdom. Every day new connections are made between Smooch users, once.

Specifically this package services include but are not limited to:. Let us help you find the love you deserve. Busy professionals turn to experts all the time. If you're looking to meet quality matches who have been hand selected, let's put you in touch with our Executive Matchmaker so we can get to know you. Our extensive database is awaiting. We know you're busy and tired searching in places that don't pan out. That's why we do the legwork Schedule your consult now.

Membership in our exclusive, confidential registry where you will be considered first as a potential match for our Elite Matchmaking clients. Initial evaluation by one of our licensed psychologists, including an in-depth personality profile study through Meyers Briggs assessments and private conversation to understand fully your dating history, as well as identifying your current needs, wants, and desires in a relationship.

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Personalized, one-on-one date coaching with your personal consultant. These sessions can occur anywhere from one to four times a month, depending on your needs and goals. Photo shoot with a photographer, to have high quality photos to use on dating profiles. A good photo is essential for success through online dating.

Your personal consultant will create and manage profiles on your behalf on any dating sites of your choice. But, my friends and I all kind of found out at the same time that we all had OkCupid profiles something we'd all been a little embarrassed to admit to. So we all got a little drunk one night, hooked a computer up to a projector, and critiqued each other's profiles. This worked out better than I feel like a paid consultant would: Ironically, despite the fact that my profile was completely ridiculous I got an interesting amount of inbound interest Wanna hear a hilarious Tinder story.

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My cousin got the app I guess and one day an automated message from him that said hey, ta1ntdude's cousin is using tinder. He's from a small town too. Not quite what you're asking, but I did get some outside input! I had a profile that fit me. They told me to go through and do a complete overhaul because it sounded a lot like Michael Scott's dating profile from "The Office.

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The thought of having your own matchmaker just seemed so neat, but I've never felt worse than I did on these dates because I realized we're all a bunch of shallow jerks. They set you up on group dates to make it less awkward and it's with a bunch of people who are similar to you. But honestly, every time I've ever went on a date, I walk in, look around, and if I'm not attracted to the guys I see it's automatically over for me. They could be so awesome and fun but I'd probably just think "I'd love to be friends with them.

Previously, I didn't think this was the case since I've "grown to love" and dated people who others didn't find very attractive. My buddy had a huge crush on this girl and had no idea how to get her to notice him. He ended up hiring some dating expert who basically taught him how to dance and how to be nice to women so that you have a chance with them. The coach was a cool dude who only worked with people who wanted real relationships, not just a one night stand. The coaching worked for a while and my friend actually began dating this girl, but when his coaches love life fell apart unfortunately his did as well.

To show that he was actually a good guy, the coach went to the girl my friend had been seeing and convinced her that she should give my friend another chance. My friend ended up marrying the girl, I don't want to give away names but hers reminds me of popular allergy medication, and they lived happily ever after. I keep telling him he should sell his story to Hollywood but he's convinced some schmuck like Kevin James would end up playing him. Had a friend get started on setting up her online dating profile but really only created a shell of an account with hardly any personal information aside from her age and gender and that she liked sports.

She called my wife and asked to come over to our house for some advice from my wife on what she should put on her profile. By the time she got to our place the next day she had a message from someone saying that they liked her simple minimalist style and thought it was gutsy for her to post a profile with so little info. She messaged the guy back and they're now dating for over a year and just moved in together a couple months ago. My mom did mine and she ended up using it more than me.

Whenever I would log on there would be all these weird emails Yeah, and she matched me with my coworker. Turned out he had just made an account for every possibility. I've definitely been hit on by people who used dating coaches. Presumably they used the same one, since they used the exact same line and tactic on me within 24 hours of each other.

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The first got my number, the second did not, and then I bailed on the first one. I joined Selective Search which is a paid for by men dating service. The women who join don't pay anything. I'm a woman so I didn't pay, but they did do a two part interview with me. I had to submit background checks and so forth. I was hesitant to join because it sounded like rich men looking for women, and women looking for rich men.

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But Joel Stein did an entertaining piece on it which convinced me to sign up. I met two men as part of this service and both were duds.

One was very condescending to me and the other was not quite over his ex-wife. I personally haven't used anything like this but as a lady I would thoroughly appreciate a dating coach for the guys writing messages on dating sites. Or the internet speak, use your words. Or getting terribly inappropriate message the first one off. I have started to feel like the most shallow person because of my ridiculously high standards for messages on POF!

You gotta give me something to go on! Yea man Aziz, normal people don't have the extra money for that kind of thing. Man I cant even afford match. My friend is a straight gay PU artist helper who was formerly a programmer. Its a fairly lucrative business and seems like a specialized niche and the kids are pretty variable there in terms of sociability, but seem to be loyal return customers.. I find the whole thing sort of deplorable but I guess he needs to make ends meet somehow in this economy. So while working at some hip research agency in Toronto where you can bring your dog to work and have a beer at your desk I decided to go on a date a friend of mine set up for me because I kept third wheeling his dates.

He set up an online profile for me, this included hobbies and all that other stuff that goes on the site. He was spot on though. At the time I was working in a cool place where I could never mention that I'm going on a date with a girl that I met online this was 5 years ago. When I told my boss I was going on a date she asked me how I met her.

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I just said at a party. English is not my first language. You know how hard it is to lie in a language that is not native to you!!!